Positive self-evaluation by means of life skill trainings and mentoring empowers girls and young mothers and helps them to change the way they think about themselves. © Rendel Freude/medica mondiale

medica mondiale’s Grants Program funds women-led organisations in war and conflict zones. medica mondiale provides support to women’s organisations working at the local, regional or national level to protect and promote the rights of women and girls affected by sexualised and gender based violence.

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Die Beraterinnen von WANEP vor der frisch renovierten Friedenshütte in Abobo.

Ivory Coast, Western Africa: A hut for peace

The region along the River Mano in western Africa was the scene of civil wars and armed rebellions for decades. In all of these conflicts, there was a very high incidence of sexualised violence and the effects of this violence can still be felt...

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Drei bunt gekleidete Frauen schauen lachend in die Kamera, die in der mitte stehende Frau hält eine Schüssel in ihren Händen.

Evaluation in DR Congo: Partner organisation PAIF to improve women’s aid provision

An active commitment to providing integrated support has helped the Congolese women's rights organisation PAIF enhance the well-being of women and girls in eastern DR Congo who survived violence. In order to ensure long-term impacts, the final...

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Foto einer kongolesischen Frauengruppe.

DR Congo: Women’s rights as the motor of change

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is one of the most dangerous countries in the world for women. In 2018 it had the highest incidence of cases of sexualised violence worldwide. Armed conflict, expulsions and the new outbreak of Ebola all...

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Eine große Versammlung der Dorf-Gemeinschaft

New projects in Western Africa: Tackling sexualised violence across borders

Illiteracy, female genital mutilation or cutting, and rape are all part of daily life for women and girls in Ivory Coast and Sierra Leone. medica mondiale started its activities in Western Africa in 2006 and is campaigning against sexualised...

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