Positive self-evaluation by means of life skill trainings and mentoring empowers girls and young mothers and helps them to change the way they think about themselves. © Rendel Freude/medica mondiale

medica mondiale’s Grants Program funds women-led organisations in war and conflict zones. medica mondiale provides support to women’s organisations working at the local, regional or national level to protect and promote the rights of women and girls affected by sexualised and gender based violence.

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Jamila Afghani, neue Direktorin von Medica Afghanistan.

Jamila Afghani, Medica Afghanistan: “Women’s rights cannot be sacrificed to pay for peace”

“In a representative survey in 2018, the Afghan population rated their living conditions as worse than any other people at any time before,” says Jamila Afghani. She has been a peace and women’s rights activist for more than 20 years and is...

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Auf einer Mauer steht aus Origami gebastelt "Stop violence against women"

My body is no battlefield: Fighting violence against women

Press Release: Cologne, 17 June 2019. On the occasion of the International Day Against Sexualized Wartime Violence on 19 June and the World Refugee Day on 20 June, medica mondiale demands from the German Federal Government its EU refugee policy...

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Dr. Bayan Kader Rasul und Bahar Ali gründeten 2013 im Nordirak die Frauenrechtsorganisation EMMA.

Northern Iraq: Interview with the founders of the women's rights organisation EMMA

In 2013 Dr. Bayan Kader Rasul and Bahar Ali decided to set up the women's rights organisation EMMA (“we”). Since then it has grown to have 32 staff members and reach thousands of women in northern Iraq with its work. The priorities for EMMA are...

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Durch Trainings hilft MEMPROW jungen Frauen und Mädchen aus der Spirale von Armut und Gewalt und zeigt ihnen neue Perspektiven auf.

Uganda: Traditional ideas of gender are questioned

An invitation from the women’s rights organisation MEMPROW in northern Uganda is an invitation to re-think long-held beliefs – even for respected community authority figures. The local chiefs often have very traditional ideas of gender: many...

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