medica mondiale is a non-governmental organisation based in Germany which stands up for women and girls in war and crisis zones throughout the world. medica mondiale supports women and girls having experienced sexualised violence, regardless of political, ethnic or religious affiliation. Together with women from around the world, medica mondiale is committed to helping women to lead a dignified and self-determined life.

Since its establishment in 1993, medica mondiale has been pursuing the task of confronting sexualised violence in war at all levels. Women and girls are still being raped and regarded by men as legitimate “spoils of war” in warlike conflicts – day by day and in many places around the world. medica mondiale helps where others stand aside and watch these crimes. It steps in where women and girls receive no support and are left to their own devices.

For women and girls who experienced rape and torture, medica mondiale offers vital medical, psychological and legal assistance and programmes promoting the generation of income – both through its own projects and in co-operation with competent local women’s organisations. At the same time, medica mondiale defends women’s rights at the political level and draws public attention to these crimes and their destructive consequences for both individual women and society as a whole.

medica mondiale’s commitment is to give women a chance to lead an independent and self-determined life despite having experienced degrading and destructive violence: Our mission.