The funds that medica mondiale uses to support women’s projects throughout the world come from three sources.


Development Income 2010-2017, Source: Annual report 2017. (click to enlarge)

As a charitable association, medica mondiale is largely financed by donations – this is one of the most important sources of income. Most of the donations are not given for specific projects, i.e. they are made without stating a purpose of use. This allows medica mondiale to be active even in forgotten war and crisis zones and use the funds where they are needed most. Many donors express their solidarity with this intention by making regular, long-term and unspecified donations. This enables long-term support of projects and thus sustainable changes.

Public funds

In addition to donations, medica mondiale also receives funds from public authorities. Public subsidies are an indispensable contribution to the total financing. They are usually sums of money earmarked for specific projects. Essentially, they come from the German Foreign Office, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, the Reconstruction Credit Institute (KfW), the governments from the individual federal states in Germany, municipalities and the European Union. Even when projects are financed by funds from public authorities, medica mondiale has to fund part of the project from its own resources.


medica mondiale is also supported by non-governmental sponsors and institutions such as foundations and other organisations in the field of development co-operation. Examples are the Sigrid Rausing Trust, the Pro Victimis Foundation and the Medicor Foundation.

Expenses for administration and advertising

medica mondiale considers it of paramount importance that responsible and trustworthy use is made of the donations and private and public subsidies it receives. Approximately 79.2 percent of total expenditure in 2017 was accounted for by international and domestic projects and the remaining 20.8 percent by administration, public relations, advertising and donor services. For comparison: In the test criteria for its seal of approval the Deutsche Zentralinstitut für soziale Fragen (German Institute for Social Issues, DZI) defines 30 percent of total spending as a ceiling for advertising and administration expenses, saying such use of funds is justifiable and effective.


medica mondiale considers it especially important to ensure transparency regarding the use of its funds. The reports by word and image on its work, success and difficulties are truthful. It publishes its annual report on its website each year.