Monika Hauser at the award ceremony in a group photo with women from the Zonta Club.

Zonta International Centennial Award 2020

On January 18, 2020, Monika Hauser received the Zonta International Centennial Recognition Award from the German Zonta Clubs. This special award marks 100 years of the international women’s network. In the form of a certificate, it honours Monika Hauser for her commitment and achievements in the fight to end sexualised violence against women and girls. Zonta International is a network of professional women committed to improving the situation of all women with regard to legal, political, economic, vocational and health-related factors.

Monika Hauser receives the Soroptimist Italy Award 2019 of the Club Meran.

Soroptimist Italy Award 2019

On May 10, 2019, Monika Hauser received the 2019 Soroptimist Italy Award. The prize honours Monika Hauser’s active commitment to helping women in crisis areas and her support for survivors of violence and imprisoned women. She was nominated by Club Meran, whose President accepted the award on her behalf in Palermo. “The Soroptimist Italy Award is an important gesture of support, showing us that our message is being heard in Italy. Furthermore, an award is also always a recognition of our work and that encourages us to continue – in Cologne, in Bosnia, in Kabul or in Goma,” said Monika Hauser in her acceptance message to the gathering.

Soroptimist International is a worldwide women’s association which campaigns for human rights, better conditions for women, and the acceptance of diversity.

Order of Merit 2019 of the State of Tirol

On February 20, 2019, Monika Hauser and eleven other recipients were awarded the Order of Merit of the State of Tirol for 2019. This award is made each year on the anniversary of the death of Andreas Hofer, leader of the Tyrolean Rebellion in 1809. Recipients are chosen for their outstanding contributions in the fields of politics, economics, culture or humanitarian aid. The Order of Merit was awarded to Monika Hauser in recognition of her work to benefit women and girls in war zones and crisis areas.

The laureates Barbara Gladysch and Monika Hauser with Herbert Mohr-Mayer, chairman of the Else Mayer Foundation.

Else Mayer Award 2018

On January 17, 2019, Monika Hauser received the Else Mayer Award for “Extraordinary Women”, including prize money of 3,000 euros. The Else Mayer Foundation in Bonn was set up in 2005, in memory of the cofounder of the Catholic convent ‘Erlöserbund’. The community of nuns was established in 1916 to support women’s rights and education with the aim of enhancing women’s place in society. The Foundation praised Monika Hauser for her “extraordinary commitment and work to benefit women, especially in war and conflict zones”.

Monika Hauser left a lasting message in the Visitors’ Book of the City of Cologne to record the visit of the medica mondiale team and invited long-term supporters. Copyright: Anna-Verena Müller/medica mondiale

Reception by the Mayor of Cologne to celebrate the 25th anniversary of medica mondiale in 2018

The Mayor of Cologne Henriette Reker invited Monika Hauser and the staff of medica mondiale to the historic City Hall on June 4, 2018. Mayor Reker congratulated the team on 25 successful years of the feminist women’s rights and aid organisation. Monika Hauser took the reception and the honour from the Mayor as an opportunity to make an impassioned speech against the planned one-stop mass accommodation centres for refugees (known as “Anchor Centres”): “They represent a perfidious scare campaign. Instead of the needed security and stabilisation, they will lead to more violence. That is certain.” By entering the words “For the City of Cologne: Only in remembrance of the pains of the past can we build a powerful future.” in the Visitors’ Book, Monika Hauser left a lasting message to record the visit of the medica mondiale team and invited long-term supporters.

"25 Women who make our world better"

Monika Hauser is among the "25 Women who make our world better" winners; a distinction awarded by online magazine Edition F. The founders of the magazine, Susann Hoffman and Nora-Vanessa Wohlert, honoured the winners at a ceremony in Berlin in July this year. Upon the announcement of her award, Hoffmann and Wohlert said, "Rape in wartime is very often taboo in society, and women have no focal point or shelter to entrust themselves to. Gynecologist Monika Hauser stands up for traumatised women, having founded the organisation medica mondiale. The NGO offers support to women and creates public awareness, making heard the voices of those that have none." The magazine's online community voted for the winners out of 50 nominated women.

“Courageous Lioness” 2015 Award from the German Medical Women’s Association

In September 2015, Monika Hauser has been awarded the “Courage Lioness” Pin of Honour by the Deutscher Ärztinnenbund e.V. (German Medical Women’s Association) as “recognition for her commitment, courage, assertiveness, tenacity and stamina in her tireless work for women in crisis areas”. The founder of the award, psychotherapist Elke Burghard, explained the choice of a lioness as symbol: “We have to bare our teeth occasionally, even in today's society.”

“Wartime rape and other forms of sexualised violence are serious breaches of human rights,” stated Monika Hauser in her acceptance speech. “There is a lot to do, so let's all pitch in! (...) Restrictions on medical care for asylum seekers need to be lifted.”

Ms Hauser’s appeal already had an effect: The association’s AGM decided to set up a pool of women doctors who declare themselves willing to treat refugee women and their families.

North-South Prize 2012

Monika Hauser, founder and Executive Member of the Board of medica mondiale, has been awarded the North-South Prize from the Council of Europe for 2012. The jury decided to award the prize to Monika Hauser in recognition of her contribution to providing assistance to women in crisis-torn countries, and in particular for women who experienced sexualised violence. The Council of Europe has awarded this prize every year since 1995 to two candidates who have stood out for their exceptional commitment to promoting human rights, intercultural exchange and North-South solidarity.

State Prize of North Rhine-Westphalia 2012
In November 2012, Monika Hauser is awarded the State Prize by the German federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia, honouring her outstanding humanitarian work in war regions and other crisis areas.

lib'elle Preis

In November 2007, Monika Hauser is awarded the lib'elle Preis by the liberales forum für frauen Düsseldorf (liberal women’s forum Duesseldorf) for her courageous commitment. She is the first winner of this award of honour. “Monika Hauser is awarded the lib'elle-Preis as a brave fighter for harmed and disadvantaged women. She proved how important it is for every citizen to be proactive”, says Suzanne Oetker, organiser of the women’s forum, explaining the jury’s decision.

Rotary Award of Trentino – South Tyrol

In May 2006, Monika Hauser, daughter of South Tyrolean parents, is awarded the 11th Rotary Award of Trentino Alto Adige-South Tyrol. Once a year, Rotary Club Bolzano gives an award to committed personalities having a relation to the provinces of Trento and South Tyrol.

German Fundraising Award

In October 2004, the board of the Deutscher Fundraising Verband (German Fundraising Association) honours Monika Hauser with the Fundraising Award – the highest award given to fundraisers in Germany – to honour her courage, her visionary power and her enduring commitment for women.

Woman of the Year 2001

In November 2001, the Deutsche Staatsbürgerinnen-Verband (Association of Female German Nationals) appoints Monika Hauser as Woman of the Year 2001 on the basis of her commitment to raped women in war and crisis zones. The jury’s explanation of their choice: “Monika Hauser is part of the young generation of women who do not just talk about women but take the initiative and help women. Her efforts helped to ensure that the terrible violence against women and children in times of war was made public.”


In June 2000, medica mondiale is awarded the Pfarrer-Georg-Fritze-Gedächtnisgabe (Priest Georg Fritze Memorial Gift). This award of honour has been given by the protestant church district of Cologne-Mitte since 1981 to people and groups of people who make a special effort standing up for victims of dictatorships and violence.

Peter Beier Award

In December 2000, Monika Hauser is awarded the Peter Beier Award by the Evangelical Church in Rhineland. The award is given every two years to people in the public eye who support the causes of peace, justice and reconciliation.

Annette Barthelt Award

In December 1999, the Annette Barthelt Foundation gives Monika Hauser the Staatsbürgerlicher Preis (Civil Award), which is given once a year to individuals who contribute to raising awareness of terrorism and violence.

Johanna Löwenherz Award

In March 1998, Monika Hauser is given the Johanna Löwenherz Award by the District of Neuwied for her lasting commitment for women in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

German Federal Cross of Merit

In October 1996, Monika Hauser is due to be awarded the Bundesverdienstkreuz (German Federal Cross of Merit). She turns down the award because of the decision of the German Conference of Interior Ministers to “repatriate” Bosnian refugees despite the then unstable and catastrophic conditions in Bosnia.

Women of Europe Award

In late 1994, Monika Hauser is given the German Preis Frauen Europas (Women of Europe Award) 1995. The award has been given to women by the Network European Movement of Germany since 1991. It acknowledges women who contribute to European integration through their voluntary work.


In June 1994, Monika Hauser is given the Gustav Heinemann Award by the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD). The award is given to individuals to acknowledge their credit for responsible commitment to freedom and justice.

Woman of the Year of ARD-Tagesthemen

In December 1993, Dr Monika Hauser is chosen as “Woman of the Year” by ARD-Tagesthemen, a news programme from one of the main German public TV stations.