We support women and girls in war and crisis zones

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Hopes for a better future

After the fall of the Taliban in 2001, reconstruction began in Afghanistan and awakened hopes for a better future. But women and girls are still being brutally repressed in Afghan society.


Power and influence both entail responsibility

Both the Federal Government and the German civil society have at their disposal the resources and tools they need to have a positive influence on the conditions people all over the world are living in.

Middle East

War in Syra, unstable political situation in Iraq, attacks by the terrorist militia "Islamic State"

Women and girls from Syria and Iraq are affected by and threatened with sexualised violence both in their home regions and when fleeing.

Southeastern Europe

Memories of wartime terror, internment and rape

Although Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo are beginning to take a conscious look at their own history, gender-based violence remains a widespread problem.

West Africa

Decades of violence and political instability in the Mano River Region

Survivors of sexualised violence in Liberia, Sierra Leone and the Ivory Coast need access to support and protection.

Central Africa

Affected by past or present civil wars

The main region currently being supported by the Grants Program of medica mondiale is the Great Lakes area of Central Africa, including countries like DR Congo, Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda.