Since its establishment in 1993, medica mondiale has been pursuing the task of confronting sexualised violence in war at all levels with a firm, uncompromising, and active commitment to the rights of women. Changing political and social circumstances as well as internal growth and changed processes required a strategic reorientation. With a new strategy for the international programme work we determine the direction and goals of our commitment until the year 2020. The international strategy of medica mondiale came into force in July 2012 and was revised in March 2016. A further update is scheduled for 2017. Goals and indicators are detailed in a separate annex. The present paper was worked out by an interdisciplinary team of employees of medica mondiale.

Following underlying principles are decisive for our commitment abroad:

  • We provide holistic, interdisciplinary support for surviving women
  • We want to change societal structures
  • We develop and support local expertise and capacities
  • We are not an emergency humanitarian organization. Our commitment is long-term.