Are we doing the right thing, and are we doing it well? In order to constantly improve performance and reassure our staff that we do indeed provide high quality support, medica mondiale regularly poses and answers these questions. Our sponsors and donors rely on us to ensure effective and sustainable assistance to women and girls in wars and war zones. These women, who experience the violence, also trust us. So there are many good reasons for setting demanding standards for medica mondiale's daily work.

Independent experts are commissioned by medica mondiale to determine how effective, meaningful and sustainable the projects and programmes abroad are. A systematic evaluation and assessment highlight potentially weak areas and supports learning processes.

Some typical questions about project work:

  • Do we reach our targets and goals?
  • Do we improve the situation of the women and girls permanently?
  • Do we work effectively?
  • Can we be even more effective with the same effort and resources?
  • Is the work being carefully documented and evaluated, to enable the responsible project leaders to correct mistakes quickly?
  • How far do we implement our basic principles and quality features?

The results of the assessment will be included in an Evaluation Report. This report should identify strengths and weaknesses and make recommendations for improving the quality of projects. Using this basic information, local colleagues and responsible medica mondiale project leaders will discuss how best to implement the recommendations. In addition to the evaluation of overseas projects, medica mondiale also puts great emphasis on the regular examination of other areas of work.

Examples of further areas of activities to be analysed:

  • Advanced training courses on war-induced trauma, held in Cologne

We will extend the evaluation processes in the future, as they are a necessary reminder and confirmation for us that we are, and remain on the right path.