18 November 2016

Evaluation Northern Uganda: to strengthened women`s rights in future

In 2007, medica mondiale started supporting the Ugandan organisation Foundation for Women Affected by Conflict (FOWAC). The organisation works with former child soldiers, young mothers, widows and other survivors, who are all affected by violence and still suffering from the years of civil war. In 2014 a comprehensive project...

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13 October 2016

DR Kongo: “Helping people only halfway is no way to achieve long-term change.”

Nomen est omen - but the 36-year-old psychologist Miracle Zawadi knows that it takes more than her fortuitous first name to work true wonders. Nonetheless, Miracle has ambitious plans for her work as Expert Adviser for medica mondiale in South Kivu – a position she took up in March. “I want to help the staff at our partner...

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06 October 2016

Berlin: Global Peacebuilder Summit unites Peace Activists

Recently, 30 peacemakers from all over the world came together in Paretz, near Berlin, for the first Global Peacebuilder Summit. The invitations were issued by the Culture Counts Foundation to take part in a 5-day programme on the role of civil society in peace processes. Among the participants was Monika Hauser, who was the...

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04 October 2016

Berlin: medica mondiale calls for protection and support for women’s rights defenders

On September 27, 2016, Sabiha Husic, Director of Medica Zenica, Humaira Rasuli, Director of Medica Afghanistan, and Jeannette Böhme, Advocacy and Human Rights Officer at medica mondiale, travelled to Berlin together to raise awareness of the consequences of sexualised wartime violence. In conversations with the Human Rights...

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19 September 2016

Uganda: “Young couples should be able to live a peaceful life – otherwise their grandchildren will suffer!”

According to a government study in 2011, 56 per cent of female Ugandans between 15 and 49 experience physical, sexualised, economic and/or emotional violence. In 2010 the Ugandan government passed the Domestic Violence Act (DVA) but in general there has been little impact or enforcement of this law. For this reason, medica...

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14 September 2016

Evaluation for Liberia: Transition needs tenacity and tailor-made measures

In 2013, medica Liberia started a three-year project aiming to achieve long-term improvements in the situation of women and girls in south-eastern Liberia. The intention was to ensure survivors of sexualised violence would experience solidarity and support within their village communities. However, an evaluation has now shown...

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