23 June 2014

To bring about real changes: Global Summit to End Sexual Violence

“‘I am proud to be a survivor’ – this statement was the one which impressed me the most at the summit against sexual violence,” declared Jeannette Böhme, Advocacy and Human Rights Officer at medica mondiale. In London from June 10-13, 2014, governmental representatives from more than 120 countries came together and were joined...

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04 April 2014

The story of the palm tree

Long, long ago there was a young palm tree who lived in the desert. She loved life, and looked forward to experiencing everything that came her way. She felt joy in each sunrise as the first rays of sunlight touched her branches, she was happy when birds came to rest in her shade as the day grew hotter, she danced in the desert...

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06 December 2013

Short-listed for FAWCO's Target Project: medica mondiale’s Project Dignity in Liberia

The process of medica mondiale’s partner organisation in Liberia to become an independent Liberian Non-governmental Organisation (NGO) is a challenging task. A significant milestone towards independence is finding funding for the successful implementation of Project Dignity – Empowering Liberia's Women. Yet, the medica mondiale...

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07 October 2013

medica mondiale Liberia: Caroline Bowah Brown is new Country Director

In October 2013, Caroline Bowah Brown will assume the post of Country Director, playing an important role in medica mondiale Liberia's transition to an independent organisation. “This appointment is not only about me: it is a message to every woman out there. They can see themselves in me and recognise that they, too, can become...

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16 December 2010

medica mondiale Liberia calls for action to end violence against women

On November 25th an official launch of the 16 days of activism against gender violence and anti-rape campaign was held at the national sports complex in the capital Monrovia. A medica mondiale Liberia representative made the remarks on behalf of all international non-governmental organisations working in Liberia and called on all who are working together to rebuild the nation to continue to work together to end violence against all women and girls.

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