26 August 2015

Karin Griese, Head of the Trauma Work Department: “Trauma as the consequence of experiencing violence cannot be treated solely by treating the symptoms.”

During war and post-war periods, women and girls experience rape, sexualised torture, sexual enslavement and other forms of life-threatening, gender-specific violence. In order to be able to regain stability, survivors need both empathic specialist support and a trauma-sensitive social environment that does not tolerate...

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17 June 2015

Interview with Humaira Rasuli of Medica Afghanistan: “Our rights are being sacrificed in the name of peace.”

On her way back from an International women's peace conference in The Hague, Humaira Rasuli, Director of Medica Afghanistan, called in to the head office of medica mondiale in Cologne. In her interview, the women’s rights campaigner talks about young Afghan women’s desires, what she hopes the government will do, and that the...

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19 December 2014

Monika Hauser reports from the conference on the EVAW Law and the successes of Medica Afghanistan

I am often asked where my colleagues and I find the strength to keep up our struggle to end violence against women. My answer is: From the rage I feel about this violence and from my will to change things. I also find strength in the positive experiences I have, the successes in our political work, and above all, the encounters...

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03 December 2014

medica mondiale demands: Strengthen the Afghan anti-violence law!

On December 4, 2014, the London Afghanistan Conference will take place with representatives from 50 countries and 24 international organisations. The new Afghan government and the international donor community will negotiate future conditions for their co-operation concerning civil reconstruction. medica mondiale and Medica...

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