30 October 2014

Pioneering work for women’s rights: Medica Liberia continues its work as an independent organisation

In a difficult time for Liberia, where the Ebola outbreak has led to the declaration of a national emergency, we are nonetheless continuing the work towards one of the greatest milestones in the commitment of medica mondiale to the country. During the coming months, the feminist, Liberian women’s rights organisation Medica...

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01 October 2014

Commentary in taz on Ebola crisis in Liberia by medica mondiale: A virus named Fear

Sybille Fezer, Senior Manager of the Liberia Programme at medica mondiale, commented the current situation in the German newspaper taz on September 30, 2014: The epidemic in Liberia is so hard to defeat because it causes a retraumatisation in the society of the past civil war years; and also because there is too little help...

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08 September 2014

medica mondiale Liberia: Ebola jeopardises previous success

The Liberian Ministry of Health and the World Health Organisation (WHO) are reporting 1,698 cases of Ebola in Liberia at August 31, 871 people have died and the Ebola virus could be attested in 403 of the corpses. We spoke about the current situation with Caroline Bowah Brown, Country Director of medica mondiale Liberia.

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25 August 2014

medica mondiale Liberia: Keeping calm despite Ebola crisis

We are concerned about our colleagues at medica mondiale Liberia. They tell us that the situation is tense in the capital Monrovia, where curfews are in force in some neighbourhoods. In spite of this, staff are continuing their work, even if a range of security and hygiene measures do necessitate some restrictions. “We will not...

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27 June 2014

Global Summit participants demand: “We all have to oppose sexualised wartime violence!”

From June 10-13, 2014, London saw representatives of governments and civil society come together to develop strategies to end sexualised wartime violence. The hosts of the Global Summit were the British Foreign Secretary William Hague and the UN Special Envoy for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Angelina Jolie. Including...

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