10 May 2016

Humaira Rasuli, Director Medica Afghanistan: "Women are not silent anymore."

In April, four staff members of Medica Afghanistan, together with Jeannette Böhme, Advocacy and Human Rights Officer at medica mondiale, had the opportunity to visit some related organisations, such as the bzfo (Behandlungszentrum für Folteropfer - Treatment Centre for Torture Victims) and to talk to political representatives in...

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04 May 2016

Medica Afghanistan and medica mondiale: Planning together and enhancing solidarity

Exchange and mutual learning creates synergies and helps to achieve broader impacts. This was the rationale for a meeting between staff of medica mondiale and Medica Afghanistan in February 2016 in the city of Vadodara, western India. The specific reason for this journey was to plan a new joint project* intended to expand the...

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22 April 2016

Germany: medica mondiale demands more protection for women and girls during armed conflicts

In the midst of war, fleeing conflict zones, or seeking refuge in Germany – women and girls are being subjected to massive sexualised and gender-based violence throughout the world. VENRO, the umbrella organisation of development and humanitarian aid non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Germany, is calling on the German...

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17 December 2015

Documentation: Expert Dialogue in the Foreign Office

Together with the German Federal Government’s Commissioner for Human Rights Policy, Christoph Strässer, medica mondiale organised an Expert Dialogue in July on the topic “From rhetoric to practice: Strategies to prevent violence against women and girls during conflicts.” medica mondiale has compiled and published the...

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01 December 2015

“We have been harmed but we are brave and strong”

Survivors need psychosocial support from trained staff, societal recognition, justice by seeing perpetrators punished, and adequate financial support for projects combating sexualised violence – these are the demands voiced at a symposium organised by medica mondiale on November 30, 2015. Some 100 women and a few men came...

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24 September 2015

Comment from Monika Hauser: Refugees in Germany – opportunity and responsibility

Currently we are seeing a widespread feeling of responsibility for the refugees and an enormous willingness to help them. Touched by the plight of these people fleeing war and despair, a majority of German people can no longer sit and watch but rather want to take action. Seen politically, the Western industrialised nations are...

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