01 December 2015

“We have been harmed but we are brave and strong”

Survivors need psychosocial support from trained staff, societal recognition, justice by seeing perpetrators punished, and adequate financial support for projects combating sexualised violence – these are the demands voiced at a symposium organised by medica mondiale on November 30, 2015. Some 100 women and a few men came...

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24 September 2015

Comment from Monika Hauser: Refugees in Germany – opportunity and responsibility

Currently we are seeing a widespread feeling of responsibility for the refugees and an enormous willingness to help them. Touched by the plight of these people fleeing war and despair, a majority of German people can no longer sit and watch but rather want to take action. Seen politically, the Western industrialised nations are...

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26 August 2015

Karin Griese, Head of the Trauma Work Department: “Trauma as the consequence of experiencing violence cannot be treated solely by treating the symptoms.”

During war and post-war periods, women and girls experience rape, sexualised torture, sexual enslavement and other forms of life-threatening, gender-specific violence. In order to be able to regain stability, survivors need both empathic specialist support and a trauma-sensitive social environment that does not tolerate...

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12 March 2015

Survivor from Uganda: “Now I know again why I get up in the morning. I am no longer alone!”

Many Ugandan women and girls survived wartime rape, sexual slavery or other violence without completely breaking down because of it. However, when their communities threw them out or their families committed domestic violence against them because of their experience, this then robbed them of their last ounces of strength. Our...

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17 February 2015

Interview with Angeles Martinez, Director of the medica mondiale Regional Office in Burundi: “The aim is to establish strong alliances to work more effectively.”

Angeles Martinez has been working in the field of development work, with a focus on women’s protection, since 1993. At the end of January, she went to Bujumbura, the capital of Burundi, to set up an office there for medica mondiale and she will start work in March. Her first tasks include contacting partner organisations in...

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30 October 2014

DR Congo “Listening House”

Since 2004 medica mondiale supports local women’s rights organisations, that are working hard to combat sexualised violence against women. The partner organisation La Floraison ("The Flower") built up the “Maison d’Ecoute” (the Listening House) – a place of immediate refuge for survivors of sexualised violence.

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