17 June 2015

Syria/North Iraq: Survivors need more than bread, water and electricity

Traumatised families, overcrowded refugee camps, the proliferation of fighting – the situation in the crisis area Syria/Iraq continues to be very worrying. In April 2015, the psychologist Sybille Manneschmidt travelled to northern Iraq on behalf of medica mondiale. She appraised the local situation and drew up a draft proposal...

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06 May 2015

Syria: Creating stability, training Syrian activists and enabling support

The civil war in Syria started in 2011 and has not ended, President Bashar al-Assad’s government troops are still involved in serious clashes with various Syrian opposition groups. Having started as an attempt to gain democracy as part of the "Arab Spring", the struggles now seem to have become a battle between religions and...

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20 February 2015

medica mondiale takes part in Syrian-Iraqi activist conference in Istanbul

"I don't want to be labelled a victim," said one of the 32 female activists from Syria and Iraq who gathered in Istanbul for a conference from January 26-28, 2015. The published aim of the conference was to bring an end to the use of sexualised violence as a weapon in conflicts in the region of Syria/Iraq: “Preventing Sexual...

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10 February 2015

Syria: medica mondiale is working to benefit Syrian women and girls in Turkish refugee camps

The civil war in Syria started in 2011. Far from coming to an end, the situation became even worse as of June 2014 with an offensive by the terrorist militia “Islamic State (IS)”. Current UN estimates suggest some 12.2 million people are displaced in and around Syria. In the midst of this situation of war and crises, hundreds of...

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