May 16 2019

Uganda: Traditional ideas of gender are questioned

An invitation from the women’s rights organisation MEMPROW in northern Uganda is an invitation to re-think long-held beliefs – even for respected community authority figures. The local chiefs often have very traditional...

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May 03 2019

Resolution against sexualised wartime violence: Not a milestone, just a weak compromise

Press release: Cologne, 3 May 2019. A “milestone” was the term used by the German Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas to describe the new UN resolution 2467 intended to more effectively protect women and girls from...

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April 25 2019

Female genital mutilation: Pain, shame and silence

The women's rights organisation medica Liberia is currently working within the Feminist Forum of Liberia to ensure that female genital mutilation remains a statutory offence under the "Law against domestic violence”: the...

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April 03 2019

Rwanda: "Children of the Enemy"

Press release: Cologne, 4 April 2019. “Children of the perpetrators” or “children of the enemy” – these are the names used even now, 25 years after the genocide in Rwanda, for those born to women and girls who were...

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March 22 2019

Survivor-centered approach: 5 Elements to support women after rape in armed conflict

Rape is a massive attack on a person’s dignity. In times of peace, 50-65 percent of people affected develop traumatic stress reactions with severe long-term consequences. These might include a tendency to withdraw from...

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March 07 2019

Self-care in aid organisations: "As helpers, we also need help."

Guiding the work of medica mondiale is an attitude of sensitivity towards both trauma and stress. This approach has a strengthening and relieving effect on the affected people and also the activists, specialist staff and...

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