25 October 2013

Message from the Foreign Secretary William Hague and UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie

Zenica, 24 October 2013. William Hague and UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie sent a message to the Conference on '20 years of work with women and girls traumatized from war' in Zenica, Bosnia-Herzegovina: “For 20 years Medica Zenica and medica mondiale have been a lifeline for survivors of wartime sexual violence in...

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16 October 2013

Press Release: Conference on the 20th anniversary “Working Towards Dignity“

Cologne, 15 October 2013. “A large proportion of Bosnian women who were traumatised during the war have still not received any support from the government,“ explains Sabiha Husić, director of the Medica Zenica therapy centre. “In contrast, we have been providing committed support to the survivors for many years.“ On 23 and 24...

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07 October 2013

medica mondiale Liberia: Caroline Bowah Brown is new Country Director

In October 2013, Caroline Bowah Brown will assume the post of Country Director, playing an important role in medica mondiale Liberia's transition to an independent organisation. “This appointment is not only about me: it is a message to every woman out there. They can see themselves in me and recognise that they, too, can become...

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27 September 2013

Press Release: Men as allies in the fight against sexualised violence

medica mondiale congratulates Denis Mukwege on receiving the Right Livelihood Award 2013: Cologne, 27 September 2013. “An important signal is being sent with the jury’s decision to award the Right Livelihood Award 2013 to Denis Mukwege, a man who has spent many years actively working to achieve integrated care provision for...

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09 July 2013

Survey: The daily practice of the Afghan Elimination of Violence Against Women Law

The Afghan "Elimination of Violence Against Women Law" (EVAW Law), which was passed in 2009, is the first law in Afghanistan to criminalise violence against women. This law is a milestone in the fight for Afghan women's and girl's rights. However, since May 18th, 2013 there is reason for concern as the Afghan parliament might...

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06 June 2013

Eastern Congo: AMOFUT - Shaping the future with awareness-raising work in schools

The horrific reports of rapes in eastern Congo just never end. According to partner organisations of medica mondiale, more younger women, even children, and also men and boys are being raped. With an ambitious school project in the Fizi region, the organisation Association Monde Futur (AMOFUT – Association for a Future World) is...

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