04 October 2016

Berlin: medica mondiale calls for protection and support for women’s rights defenders

On September 27, 2016, Sabiha Husic, Director of Medica Zenica, Humaira Rasuli, Director of Medica Afghanistan, and Jeannette Böhme, Advocacy and Human Rights Officer at medica mondiale, travelled to Berlin together to raise awareness of the consequences of sexualised wartime violence. In conversations with the Human Rights...

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05 August 2016

OSCE Conference: “Inspiring yet sobering”

Recently, Monika Hauser, the founder of medica mondiale, attended a conference organised by the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Vienna, participating in a discussion on strategies for combating violence against women. The heart of Monika Hauser’s message can be summarised as: “Fine words are no...

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14 June 2016

Evaluationreport: The work of Medica Afghanistan has an impact

Stress- and trauma-sensitive counselling in a fragile and insecure social context: “All in all, the evaluation demonstrated that the project activities had a pronounced impact ... .” That is the very positive result of an evaluation of three projects carried out by Medica Afghanistan (MA) between 2012 and 2015. In the Afghan...

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06 June 2016

“Women’s rights are being used as an alibi during the peace talks,” says Saifora Paktiss from Medica Afghanistan

In April, members of our communications staff had the opportunity to interview four key staff from Medica Afghanistan at our Cologne headquarters. They shared firsthand knowledge and impressions of their work, the ‘alibi policies’ of the Afghan government and how the women remain optimistic in spite of the obstacles they face.

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24 May 2016

“Women’s rights in our country have nothing to do with the presence or absence of the international military forces,” says Saifora Paktiss, Medica Afghanistan.

In April four staff members of Medica Afghanistan had the opportunity to visit the main office of medica mondiale in Cologne. They met colleagues from the communication department and shared firsthand knowledge about the impact of the withdrawal of international military troops on everyday life and women’s rights in Afghanistan....

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18 May 2016

“Women’s rights are part of peace. They simply belong together”, says Vida Faizi, Medica Afghanistan

In April, four staff members from Medica Afghanistan had the opportunity to visit the head office of medica mondiale in Cologne. They met colleagues from the communication department to share firsthand knowledge about their work as an independent non-governmental organisation, becoming activists for women’s rights, and the...

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