08 March 2018

Medica Afghanistan: Conference against “virginity tests”

In Afghanistan, so-called “virginity tests” are still widespread. They continue to be carried out and ordered by police officers, judges and lawyers, even though the Afghan Penal Code has forbidden forced gynaecological examinations since 2017. These tests form part of the routine when investigating sexualised violence or the...

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16 February 2018

Strong feminism, activism and strategy: the new women on the medica mondiale Supervisory Board

Among the founder Monika Hauser’s wishes for medica mondiale were “quick decision-making processes and a strong controlling body”. So the women stepping into their roles as members of the newly established Supervisory Board definitely need the ability to be strict when needed as they monitor the organisation’s strategy and...

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02 February 2018

Sexualised violence in wartime: “Nobody was interested in speaking about it.”

Sexualised violence can be used strategically as a weapon of war. Why does this form of violence disrupt whole societies so effectively for generations? Is it unavoidable? What does it have to do with our way of living, gender roles and power? Why is there often no recognition for the victims of sexualised violence and their...

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19 January 2018

Kvinna till Kvinna – Woman to Woman

Right from the start there has been a close connection between the histories of the foundation Kvinna till Kvinna from Stockholm and medica mondiale from Cologne. Both organisations grew out of civil volunteer initiatives that started as a reaction to the mass rapes in Bosnia. Both organisations have been working ever since then...

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10 January 2018

Coping with reduced scope for action

How do human rights defenders carry out their work in countries that are politically unstable or weakened by conflicts? Their criticism of governments is often met with repression and a right to protection may not exist or be enforced. Staff at women’s rights organisations are particularly affected by this. What can they do when...

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02 January 2018

Yoga and Women`s Rights

Yoga offers women affected by violence a chance to practice self-care and mindfulness, which is why medica mondiale offers yoga exercises as part of its training courses. Alena Mehlau, graduate psychologist and Trauma Officer with medica mondiale, explains how yoga works in this interview.

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