20 May 2013

Medica Zenica: 20 years supporting survivors of sexualised wartime violence

In the therapy centre run by Medica Zenica, thousands of women traumatised during the Bosnian war later found vital support. In our interview, Sabiha Husić, Director of Medica Zenica, explains the challenges faced by the organisation today.

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15 May 2013

Albania: Medica Tirana 1999-2013

A generation after the fall of the communist dictatorship, Albanian women still suffer severely due to patriarchal structures. Poverty, high unemployment and violence char-acterise their daily lives. Beginning in 1999, Medica Tirana provided support for thousands of women and helped to foster public discourse on the issues of forced marriage, domestic violence and blood feuds. Medica Tirana ceased its activities in April 2013.

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30 December 2012

FOWAC in Uganda: Reintegrating enslaved and sexually exploited women into their families

Project sponsorship in Kitgum, North of UgandaAfter nearly 20 years of civil war in Uganda, women and girls are in great need of support. They suffered most of all from the fighting: many were kidnapped, raped and sexually enslaved during the armed conflict between rebel groups and the government in Uganda. There has been a certain degree of peace and stability in Northern Uganda since the armed rebel groups retreated to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Southern Sudan and the Central African Republic in 2008. However, hundreds of thousands of people are still living in refugee camps in the northern regions of the nation. It can be particularly difficult for women and girls to return to their villages: during the conflict the camps offered them protection from attacks to a certain extent and they had access to aid. Back in their communities, they are frequently subjected to renewed violence and discrimination in inheritance disputes – regarding land for example. And they are confronted with the lack of medical and psychosocial support.

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19 December 2012

Medica Zenica: war is not over - the forgotten suffering of Bosnian woman

Medica Zenica, Bosnia. More than twenty years have passed since the first publication of reports on mass rape of Bosnian women. Several thousand women have been systematically raped, tortured and detained in camps by Serbian soldiers during the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina – some of them for weeks. Women of all ages became part of the malicious warfare strategy, serving the demoralisation of the enemy and the ethnic expulsion within the territories claimed by the Serbs. According to the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef), there were 20,000 cases of rape. Other sources estimate up to 50,000 cases.

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10 December 2012

Afghanistan Conference - Does violence against woman endanger the peace process?

"Violence against women is a threat to peace and security – in Afghanistan and in the world as whole." With this remark, Dr Monika Hauser, founder of the women's rights organisation medica mondiale, opened the international conference "Hope for peace and fear for women's rights in Afghanistan". This conference took place in Bad Godesberg from November 30 to December 1 and was organised jointly by medica mondiale and the Evangelische Akademie im Rheinland (Protestant Academy). Around 80 guests attended to discuss the opportunities for a just peace in Afghanistan with Afghan women's rights advocates and German Afghanistan experts. Most Afghan women and girls still live in a climate of violence and their voices are not being heard at a political level.

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07 December 2012

Expert Laure Saporta about the evaluation in Afghanistan (2009-2013): "Knowledge trough the snowball effect"

Expert Laure Saporta visited Afghanistan in November 2012 as Evaluator on behalf of medica mondiale. Her task was the final assessment of the project "Social Support and Legal Help for Women threatened by violence, or imprisoned, and their children". The findings are being implemented by two local organisations: Medica...

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