11 October 2018

Liberia: Women, girls and men together for a non-violent way of living together

The man who the village elders selected for their idea was one of the most terrible thugs in Kwitatuzon. So why did they choose Nathaniel to be a ‘male change agent’ and ask him of all people to publicise the idea of a non-violent way of living together. In the past he had beaten his wife so badly, she blacked out. Now, however,...

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20 March 2017

Women’s rights heroine from Liberia: “I am good at motivating other women.”

Theresa Dunbar has been working for almost ten years as a psychosocial counsellor at medica Liberia. This “normal village woman” is now responsible for three districts in Sinoe, a region in south-eastern Liberia, and is helping to shape the struggle to improve women’s rights. Lena Reul from medica mondiale spoke with her during...

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21 December 2016

Monika Hauser on the occasion of the year's end: What is essential to live a good life?

A little while ago I was preparing a public talk on the issue: “What do humans need?” At first glance there seemed to be many ways to answer it. What do I need as a citizen? What do I need as a friend? What is essential to my role as a mother? And what are the requirements in my work as a peacemaker? What does a professional...

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06 October 2016

Berlin: Global Peacebuilder Summit unites Peace Activists

Recently, 30 peacemakers from all over the world came together in Paretz, near Berlin, for the first Global Peacebuilder Summit. The invitations were issued by the Culture Counts Foundation to take part in a 5-day programme on the role of civil society in peace processes. Among the participants was Monika Hauser, who was the...

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05 August 2016

OSCE Conference: “Inspiring yet sobering”

Recently, Monika Hauser, the founder of medica mondiale, attended a conference organised by the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Vienna, participating in a discussion on strategies for combating violence against women. The heart of Monika Hauser’s message can be summarised as: “Fine words are no...

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22 April 2016

Germany: medica mondiale demands more protection for women and girls during armed conflicts

In the midst of war, fleeing conflict zones, or seeking refuge in Germany – women and girls are being subjected to massive sexualised and gender-based violence throughout the world. VENRO, the umbrella organisation of development and humanitarian aid non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Germany, is calling on the German...

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