21 September 2018

Comment: New Penal Code in Afghanistan permits virginity testing under the disguise of a prohibition

A ban on the virginity test should serve the protection of women, but the new Penal Code constitutes a legal framework for the controversial practice.

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24 August 2018

Evaluation Afghanistan: Decidedly side by side with women

Medica Afghanistan successfully supports women affected by violence in enforcing their rights and promotes women’s recognition within society.

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08 March 2018

Medica Afghanistan: Conference against “virginity tests”

In Afghanistan, so-called “virginity tests” are still widespread. They continue to be carried out and ordered by police officers, judges and lawyers, even though the Afghan Penal Code has forbidden forced gynaecological examinations since 2017. These tests form part of the routine when investigating sexualised violence or the...

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13 October 2017

Asylum policy towards Afghanistan needs rethinking

The ongoing violence in Afghanistan leads medica mondiale to call on the German government to rethink its asylum policy. “The government has to immediately reconsider the current policy. People from Afghanistan need to be offered opportunities here in Germany instead of being forcibly sent back into the midst of a catastrophic...

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18 September 2017

Women’s rights heroine Shakiba: "I will never remain silent when I see injustice against women."

When she leaves the house to go to work in the morning, Shakiba Amiri has to think carefully about the route she takes. The wrong choice could be the difference between life and death. Her home city Kabul is a dangerous place to be walking the streets. Violent attacks shake the city almost every day. Fortunately, as yet the...

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18 May 2017

Humaira Rasuli, Medica Afghanistan: “These roles for men and women are not laid down in Sharia law.”

What is life like for women and girls today in Afghanistan? According to the Afghan constitution they have the same rights as men. These include the rights to education, health and physical integrity. The actual conditions that women live under are revealed by a representative study conducted by the Afghan Ministry of Health....

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