24 August 2018

Evaluation Rwanda: Returning to life – together

The Sevota project supports women survivors of violence and their children in strengthening their relationships and helps reduce family conflict.

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15 March 2018

Women's rights heroine Godelieve Mukasarasi: “The hearts of these women were broken three times.”

Godelieve Mukasarasi lost her husband and their daughter. In spite of her tragic story, the 60-year-old is still motivated by her “vision of happy women”. Godelieve’s commitment is to the women and children who suffer from the consequences of the genocide in Rwanda. She knows each of their stories. And sometimes this helps her...

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10 January 2018

Coping with reduced scope for action

How do human rights defenders carry out their work in countries that are politically unstable or weakened by conflicts? Their criticism of governments is often met with repression and a right to protection may not exist or be enforced. Staff at women’s rights organisations are particularly affected by this. What can they do when...

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02 January 2018

Yoga and Women`s Rights

Yoga offers women affected by violence a chance to practice self-care and mindfulness, which is why medica mondiale offers yoga exercises as part of its training courses. Alena Mehlau, graduate psychologist and Trauma Officer with medica mondiale, explains how yoga works in this interview.

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10 November 2017

Women’s rights heroine Godelive Kanyamuneza: "People need to learn that every single person is valuable."

When we asked her what her strengths were, Godelive Kanyamuneza referred to her organisational talent, her expertise and her leadership experience. However, it would appear that her greatest strength might actually be her talent for persuasion and motivation. Within a few short years she has succeeded in establishing a safe...

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13 October 2017

"Go to PAIF!" – Integrated support for women and girls in Eastern Congo

"Go to PAIF!" is often what women in Eastern Congo hear when they are in need of help because they have been raped, kidnapped by rebels, mistreated by their husbands or have an unwanted pregnancy. Since it was founded in 1993, the women’s rights organisation PAIF has built up a network of support in the provinces of North and...

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