20 December 2018

Evaluation Liberia: Uncomplicated assistance for women and girls affected by violence

medica Liberia is building up skilled support structures for survivors of violence, but more needs to be done to ensure long-term viability.

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30 November 2018

Violence against women: Reparations, recognition and coming to terms with the issue

Estimates suggest that during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina some 50,000 women and girls were systematically raped. In spite of the international outrage about this sexualised violence, no process of coming to terms with these crimes found its way into the Dayton Peace Agreement. Similarly, the peace process as a whole barely...

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11 October 2018

Liberia: Women, girls and men together for a non-violent way of living together

The man who the village elders selected for their idea was one of the most terrible thugs in Kwitatuzon. So why did they choose Nathaniel to be a ‘male change agent’ and ask him of all people to publicise the idea of a non-violent way of living together. In the past he had beaten his wife so badly, she blacked out. Now, however,...

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25 September 2018

Monika Hauser, Geneva Peace Talks at the UN: "No peace without gender justice!"

On the International Day of Peace this year, the founder of medica mondiale Monika Hauser was invited to the United Nations Office in Geneva to address the Geneva Peace Talks, which this year had "Peace without Borders" as their theme. Broadcast worldwide, the talks were an opportunity for nine activists to share their personal...

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21 September 2018

Comment: New Penal Code in Afghanistan permits virginity testing under the disguise of a prohibition

A ban on the virginity test should serve the protection of women, but the new Penal Code constitutes a legal framework for the controversial practice.

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03 September 2018

Iraq: When helpers need help

Living and working in the women’s safe house in Dohuk: From outside, the building with its barbed wire fence looks more like a prison than a place to find safety, and inside there is an atmosphere of hopelessness and sadness. These are the prevailing feelings among the 15 survivors of violence living here, and the 12 staff in...

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