September 04 2020

“Do more than just treat the symptoms.” – 5 questions for Ara Stielau, Director of International Programme Work

When Ara Stielau came to medica mondiale ten years ago, the organisation was assisting projects in four countries. Today more than 30 partner organisations in 13 countries are being supported. Ara Stielau explains the...

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September 07 2020

Six months of dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic: The achievements of our partner organisations

For more than half a year the novel SARS-CoV-2 virus has been spreading around the world. Women and girls in crisis areas face particularly severe threats from the virus. In this update you can find out how our partner...

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August 21 2020

Second World War Commemorations: Remembering the suffering of the "comfort women"

Kim Hak-Soon was still a young girl in Korea when she was sexually enslaved by the Japanese military during the Second World War. On August 14, 1991, she went in front of the TV cameras to tell her story, becoming the...

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July 30 2020

Thursdays in Black

One thing is certain every Thursday when activist Carol Bowah in Liberia goes to work: she is dressed from head to foot in black. And she is not alone in this. All around the world, every Thursday people are dressing in...

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July 10 2020

Srebrenica Genocide, 1995: Monika Hauser remembers

Bosnia-Herzegovina, July 1995: Thousands of husbands, sons and brothers are taken by Republika Srpska soldiers into the surrounding forests and murdered in cold blood. Countless wives, daughters and sisters are raped....

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August 12 2020

The Istanbul Convention: An agreement on preventing and combatting violence against women and domestic violence

The Istanbul Convention is mentioned occasionally in newspaper articles on the issues of femicide, domestic violence, a shortage of safe houses for women or sexualised violence. But what exactly is the Istanbul...

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