03 April 2019

Rwanda: "Children of the Enemy"

Press release: Cologne, 4 April 2019. “Children of the perpetrators” or “children of the enemy” – these are the names used even now, 25 years after the genocide in Rwanda, for those born to women and girls who were raped during that period. Now young adults, they and their mothers are still being ostracised by relatives and...

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22 March 2019

Survivor-centered approach: 5 Elements to support women after rape in armed conflict

Rape is a massive attack on a person’s dignity. In times of peace, 50-65 percent of people affected develop traumatic stress reactions with severe long-term consequences. These might include a tendency to withdraw from social life, as well as chronic pain or sleep disturbances. In war and war-like conflicts, the effects of...

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07 March 2019

Self-care in aid organisations: "As helpers, we also need help."

Guiding the work of medica mondiale is an attitude of sensitivity towards both trauma and stress. This approach has a strengthening and relieving effect on the affected people and also the activists, specialist staff and working groups. In situations of war and conflict, the dynamics of trauma can affect entire teams or...

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06 March 2019

International Women's Day: Gender justice enhances peace and development

Press release: Cologne, 5 March 2019. More commitment to support women and girls caught up in armed conflicts, as well as a feminist foreign and security policy: these are the demands made on the German government by the women’s rights organisation medica mondiale to mark International Women’s Day on March 8. Germany will take...

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08 February 2019

Kosovo: one year war pension for raped women

Press release: Cologne, 8 February 2019. Since February 2018, women and girls who were raped during the Kosovo war in 1998/1999 can apply for a monthly pension of 230 euros. Applications can also be made by those now living abroad. Mirlinda Sada, Director of our partner organisation Medica Gjakova, takes stock of the first year.

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01 February 2019

Afghanistan: Combating violence against women within families

Surviving without their family? For the majority of Afghan women and girls this is simply impossible: a woman’s everyday life is simply too full of dependencies and unequal treatment. According to a study by the Afghan health ministry, more than half of the women in the country need permission from a male head of the family even...

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