February 19 2020

Jamila Afghani: “Peace for women in Afghanistan is based on equality and respect”

Peace activist Jamila Afghani has been the director of Medica Afghanistan for one year now. In December she was honoured by the US Embassy in Kabul for her “exceptional efforts in the fight for human rights”. During her...

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February 12 2020

The future is female – Empowering girls in Liberia

In the discussion group at the charity Raising Youth Mentorship Initiative, most of the girls are between 10 and 19 years old. At first they are still shy, but it does not take long before they begin to open up, saying...

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January 21 2020

Guest contribution by Anusanthee Pillay: Women's participation in peace processes – the example of Liberia

Countless women experienced sexualised violence during the civil wars in Liberia. However, this form of violence against women was not only a result of the war, it was related social structures that existed before the...

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December 13 2019

Interview: Why be a feminist (in Afghanistan)?

What unites Chancellor Merkel, Lady Gaga and Demi Moore? Each of them said in an interview that she is not a feminist. Lady Gaga even felt she had to add that she loved men. Is there a contradiction between loving men...

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November 19 2019

"I am Anemone": Foreword by Monika Hauser to Medica Gjakova's book release

The book "I am Anemone" was published by Medica Gjakova on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of medica mondiale in Kosovo. It includes the stories of 24 women and one man who survived sexualised violence during the...

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November 13 2019

Evaluation Liberia: implement prevention of violence in a sustainable way

The evaluation of the project “Sinoe II” in southeast Liberia shows: Medica Liberia helped to better protect women and girls from sexualized violence. One of the main reasons: solidarity groups in the villages know more...

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