Facts and figures about medica mondiale

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  • Founding: 4 April 1993
  • Head office: Cologne/Germany
  • Staff in Cologne (2017): 45
    incl. full-time: 25
  • Interns from 1993 to 2017: 116
  • Volunteer workers: uncountable

  • Prizes and awards given to medica mondiale and Monika Hauser: 24 including the Right Livelihood Award 2008 and the State Prize of North Rhine-Westphalia 2012

Which countries is medica mondiale working in 2017?

Afghanistan, Albania, Bosnia, Burundi, Croatia, DR Congo, El Salvador, Germany, Iraq, Kosovo, Liberia, Rwanda, Uganda

Medica Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina: founded 1993, independent since 2003 (www.medicazenica.org)
Medica Tirana
, Albania: founded 1999, independent since 2004.
Medica Kosova, Kosovo: founded 1999, independent since 2003, supported by medica mondiale until the end of 2012 (Medica Kosova on facebook)
Medica Gjakova, Kosovo: founded independently in 2011 (www.medicagjakova.org)
Medica Afghanistan – Women Support Organisation: founded 2001, independent since 2010 (www.medicaafghanistan.org)
Medica Liberia: founded 2006 as medica mondiale Liberia, independent since 2014.


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Since our foundation, the project fund has supported 310 projects in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe. For more information, see the overview of the partner organisations of medica mondiale worldwide.

Income from donations, charitable allocation of fines and inheritances 1993 to 2017: 51 million euros

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Income from donations, charitable allocation of fines and inheritances in 2017:
3,8 million euros

In 2012 medica mondiale joined the Initiative "Transparente Zivilgesellschaft" (Initiative for a Transparent Civil Society).

Third-party funding (grants and benefits) in 2017: about 3,1 million euros
Third-party funding (grants and benefits) from 1993 to 2017: about 31 million euros

Financing of medica mondiale

How much funding has medica mondiale made available for project work worldwide?

In 2017: about 4,8 million euros

From 1993 to 2017: about 58 million euros

(Data refer to 12/2017)