medica mondiale actively participates in the international Campaign "Stop Rape & Gender Violence in Conflict". Founded in Mai 2012 by the Nobel Women‘s Initiative, the campaign unifies women Nobel Peace Prize Laureates with feminist engaged organizations and groups within a strong alliance. The goal is to increase jointly the pressure on German and international politics, in order to finally tackle sexualized violence in war in a serious way. 

Prevent! Protect! Prosecute!

Prevent! Protect! Prosecute! – This call for action against sexualized violence in war is pointing out the central demands:

  • Prevent from sexualized violence in war!
  • Protect against sexualized violence in war!
  • Prosecute the perpetrators!

With these claims the international campaign "Stop Rape & Gender Violence in Conflict" is addressed to all political decision makers around the world.

Who can join the campaign „Stop Rape in Conflict“ and how?

The international campaign is trying to bring different actors around the world closer together – individuals, organizations, action groups, institutions. They should campaign with their respective means and options that finally much more has to be done for the protection of women against sexualized violence and that survivors can experience justice. The campaign’s website shows ten different possibilities on how you as an individual person can participate in the campaign. A first step is to register online on the list of supporters.

We welcome you, to engage yourself with your name for the aims of the campaign:

Join the pledge now
10 actions you can take

Why does medica mondiale join the campaign and how?

Jessica Mosbahi, Advocacy and Human Rights Officer at medica mondiale: "The Campaign allows us an even stronger international networking related to the topic of sexualized war violence. Our aim is to achieve a better interaction with other international organizations in order to gain more influence on policy regarding this subject, which still is treated as a taboo." In the context of the campaign "Stop Rape in Conflict", medica mondiale will for example claim the German government, to finally develop an effective foreign and security policy strategy aimed at combating sexualized violence of war in countries such as Afghanistan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Further organizations participating in the campaign are amongst others: Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Action Aid, Gunda Werner Institute, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom and the Forum Menschenrechte.

What can the campaign "Stop Rape in Conflict" achieve and have there already been successes?

A first success has already been achieved by the campaign: The Canadian Parliament endorses the demands of "Stop Rape & Gender Violence in Conflict". Therefore it has called the Government of Canada to take a leading part in the fight against sexualized violence. How does international politics take action against sexualized violence of war? "Sexual violence of war can significantly exacerbate situations of armed conflict and may impede the restoration of international peace and security", says the UN-Security Council in its Resolution 1820 from 19 June 2008. Despite this clear words, that have been found by the Security Council, the topic of sexualized war violence still remains one of minor importance within the international foreign and security policy. Politicians around the world still underestimate the peace and security dimension of sexualized violence. They tend to ignore this embarrassing problem or to postpone it until the time after the war.