Rise! Disrupt! Connect!

protesting for equality at One Billion Rising Cologne

The campaign will take place again this coming February. Each and every one of us can take part! Jeannette Böhme, Advocacy and Human Rights Officer at medica mondiale, is very enthusiastic: "This day of action is a great opportunity to become active. By taking part in an event or organising a creative action we can send the right signal – for an end to this violence."

medica mondiale is calling on women and girls, and men and boys alike to dance in public on Valentine’s Day for a non-violent way of living together. Take part now! You can find out where and how on the One Billion Rising website:


A billion people dance to oppose violence against women

According to United Nations statistics, one third of all women and girls will be beaten or raped at least once in their lives. That adds up to one billion women and girls around the world.

The history of One Billion Rising

In Cologne: medica mondiale staff dancing at One Billion Rising

“It is time to tell a new story. It has to be our story,” wrote Eve Ensler, a US American women’s rights campaigner and founder of One Billion Rising in her text, “Rise Up”. Every year on February 14, people all over the world follow this call and contribute to a small chapter of this story by dancing for an end to violence against women and girls. These gatherings have taken place since 2012, raising awareness of the issue of violence against women. They all use the same song and same choreography, creating a strong gesture of solidarity with those women and girls affected by violence. Since 2013, medica mondiale has taken part in the One Billion Rising events in Cologne, Germany, supporting this campaign opposing violence against women.