Every day women and girls around the world are being raped, tortured, kidnapped and enslaved as part of wars and conflict. The new campaign » My body is no battlefield « from medica mondiale aims to draw attention to these violations of human rights and to demonstrate how women in war zones can be protected.

For women, against violence:
social and political changes

For more than 25 years, medica mondiale has been assisting women and girls who have survived sexualised violence to find new prospects for their lives. As well as providing medical, psychosocial and legal support directly to the affected women, we also work to bring about societal changes – by running public awareness campaigns and training courses for staff in the police, legal and healthcare sectors.

Our messages and demands

Through campaigning, advocacy or public relations work, we point out that women have the right to a life in dignity and justice. Copyright: Beate Kriechel/medica mondiale

1. Rape is a violation of human rights.

Women and girls have the right to a life with dignity and justice, without violence.

We support survivors of sexualised violence and work to ensure that they experience justice. Copyright: Rendel Freude/medica mondiale

2. Women are not to blame for being raped – ever.

Raped women are entitled to recognition for the injustice they suffered. Society and government have to assume responsibility and provide support. 

Our partner organisations worldwide demand justice for survivors and consistent persecution of the perpetrators, as here at a march of the Afghan Women Network in Afghanistan. Copyright: Medica Afghanistan

3. Survivors of sexualised violence have a right to justice.

We are calling for consistent prosecution of perpetrators. War crimes cases, court processes and asylum procedures all have to be conducted in a trauma-sensitive way. Refugee women need expert support, secure accommodation and real prospects. 

Women should always be involved in shaping peace. Like here at the Global Peacebuilder Summit, where peace activists from all over the world share their ideas about sustainable peace. Copyright: Eric Vazzoler/zeitenspiegel for Global Peacebuilder's Summit

4. Peace can only be achieved together with women.

Political decision-makers are called upon to ensure effective protection for women against sexualised wartime violence. Women have to be involved in peace negotiations, with the chance to participate in the future of their countries. 

At medica mondiale, the focus is on the exchange and cooperation between women's projects from different regions worldwide. Copyright: Luca Hauser/medica mondiale

5. Together for a world free of violence.

Only by working together can we put an end to sexualised violence and discrimination and bring about gender justice. 

Join us and share our messages.