medica mondiale has been able to help thousands of women since 1993 and the organisation has also achieved political progress – but war against women is still an everyday occurrence. To give more women the chance of a life without violence, medica mondiale started its campaign “Im Einsatz” (In Action). The aim of the campaign is to gain more “troops” who mobilise in support of women, whether with their voices, their influence, a donation or an action.

The heart of the campaign is the art installation “Frauen(auf)Marsch” (Marching(Deployed)Women) consisting of shop window mannequins wearing T-shirts emblazoned with quotes from women who were raped during war.

Prominent figures in the campaign team include the actress Jenny Jürgens, TV presenter Sabine Christiansen and the former Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hanover, Margot Käßmann.