We support women and girls in war and crisis zones



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Women Support groups

Women's groups who work for women's rights in their communities; point of contact in cases of violence.

The members of Women Support groups are committed women within village communities who have made it their priority to take care of women’s issues and act as a contact point in cases of violence. They are also the liaison with medica Liberia. On occasion these groups refer women directly to hospitals or the police, or even to court. Since these institutions are often far away from their communities, the transport has to be paid for. The Women Support groups operate voluntarily and have no resources to meet these costs. The village savings and...


Women’s Center in Fish Town, Liberia

Point of contact for women and girls from the environs, protection from day-to-day violence

In May 2006, medica mondiale launched an extensive project in the southeast of Liberia focusing on the poorest and least developed areas of Liberia. The first and most important measure was to set up a women’s centre in Fishtown, the capital of the River Gee province. Thanks to the many helpers on site, the women’s centre was inaugurated in November 2007. Within a short period of time, it has developed into an important point of contact for women and girls from the entire environs. Women can meet there and remain undisturbed, thus finding...