We support women and girls in war and crisis zones



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Tolerance and appreciation of cultural and social diversity

Support intercultural skills, respect of local traditions in different cultural circles

medica mondiale assists women worldwide to find their own ways of dealing with traumatic violent experiences and preventing further violence. These solutions might be individual or for society at large. Different cultures and countries have very different contexts for carrying out trauma work. medica mondiale respects local traditions in different cultural circles, as long as they accord with universal human rights. This means that respect for culturally specific factors cannot be used as a justification for ignoring or promoting unequal...


Trauma, coping with

Restoring and sustaining the capacity of people to participate actively in their life after traumatising experiences

A psychological trauma destroys a person’s feeling of security, attacks our basic human sense of trust, severely violates personal boundaries, undermines self-respect, and creates an overwhelming feeling of helplessness. The consequences of this can be panic attacks, depressions, sleep disturbances, chronic pain or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which all have severe adverse effects on the life of those affected for years after the traumatic events.

In the clinical understanding of trauma, the consequences of violence are...


Trauma-sensitive approach (STA)

Avoiding stress, preventing reactivation of trauma symptoms, strengthen the Resilience

Trauma-sensitive counselling and support

Conversation groups, therapy sessions, material support, assistance in finding accomodation or employment

The women’s counselling centres run by medica mondiale offer a wide range of support for traumatised women, from open conversation groups and specialist trauma therapy sessions to material support and assistance in finding accommodation or employment. Some women also find temporary refuge in medica mondiale shelters. The organisation’s workers respond to the personal support needs of each individual woman who seeks help from medica mondiale projects.

In addition to the psychologists and psycho-social counsellors, all staff members of the local...


Trauma-sensitive healthcare work

Medical support, training of local medical specialists in trauma-sensitive ways

medica mondiale advises clients on healthcare issues and ensures that they receive the necessary medical support. The organisation also trains local medical specialists in trauma-sensitive ways to treat women who suffered violence.

See also “trauma-sensitive approach"

Trauma-sensitive legal assistance

Teaching women about their rights, legal counselling, representation in court

On paper at least, women and men have equal rights in most countries. But in reality, it is often very different. In countries such as Kosovo, Albania or Afghanistan, women suffer huge disadvantages and their rights and needs are often violently suppressed.
medica mondiale is fundamentally committed to statutory equality for women and girls. Our projects include provision of female lawyers to assist women and campaign for women’s rights in court and at public authorities.

Informing women about their rights

Informing women about their rights in...


Trauma-sensitive psychosocial work

Direct counselling and support for individuals, education and awareness-raising of the entire social fabric

medica mondiale assists women and girls to talk about and cope with their experiences of violence. Local psychosocial counsellors help women survivors regain their self-esteem and develop new prospects for the future. Measures are also taken to raise awareness in their families and communities of the causes and consequences of sexualised violence, including them in the efforts to establish safety nets to protect women from violence.

See also “trauma-sensitive approach"