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NAP 1325 of the Federal Republic of Germany (National Action Plan 1325)

National government implementation of the UN Resolution 1325 on “Women, Peace and Security”

[...] In 2004, the UN Security Council was already calling on the member states to step up their implementation of Resolution 1325 at national level and develop plans of action. In spite of several appeals of this nature, for a long time the German government appeared reluctant to take the issue of women, peace and security seriously. It was only in December 2012 that the Federal Cabinet passed the cross-sectoral “National Action Plan on the Implementation of Security Council Resolution 1325”, covering the period 2013-16. [...]

The aim of the...


Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)

Non-state organisations or informal groups pursuing a common interest or goal

A non-governmental organisation is, as the name suggests, an organisation that is not controlled by governmental or statutory authorities. NGOs can be organisations, charities, associations, clubs, institutions and other types of group, made up of people with a common interest and often pursuing a political intention. This broad definition would include human rights organisations, sports clubs and business-sector or employers’ organisations.

However, the general public understanding of an NGO (and the common usage of the term in the media) is...