We support women and girls in war and crisis zones



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Integrated approach

Support that considers both the individual as well as the social and political level

The consequences of sexualised violence in war are far-reaching – both for the affected women and for their societies. medica mondiale has developed concepts and methods to support war-traumatised women that are designed to consider both the individual histories of women and social and political framework conditions.

Intimate partner violence (IPV)/family violence

Violence carried out by persons within a close relationship – also known as “domestic violence”. This might be psychological, physical, economic or sexualised violence.

Using the term “domestic” (from the Latin for house, ‘domus’) suggests this violence occurs within a household. So medica mondiale prefers to refer to violence within a family, violence within partnerships, or violence within close social relationships.

After all, the most important aspect in this form of violence is not the place it occurs, but the fact that the perpetrators are within the same family or close social circles. The Istanbul Convention defines ‘domestic violence’ as: “all acts of physical, sexual, psychological or economic...