We support women and girls in war and crisis zones



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Family violence

Violence carried out by persons within a family relationship – also known as “domestic violence”. This might be psychological, physical, economic or sexualised violence.

Female partnership

The relationship between helper and client is one of equality

Survivors of sexualised violence have learned that an unequal balance of power was exploited to inflict violence on them. When working with clients, staff make sure that it is obvious despite all due professional detachment that the relationship between helper and client is, in principle, one of equality.

Fighting poverty

Creating income, secure livelihood, enable self-determined future

Once wars or conflicts are overcome, it is often women who bear the main burdens of reconstruction. They have to live with the traumatic experiences of sexualised violence in war and also have to cope with other stressful consequences of the war: deaths of family members, loss of property and work and often also the loss of a place called home.

Women who have lost their husbands in the war are suddenly faced with assuming sole responsibility for themselves and their children. Without a male head of the family, they are often condemned to a...