May 14 2013

Council of Europe honours Monika Hauser with North-South Prize

Cologne, 14 May 2013. Monika Hauser, founder and Executive Member of the Board of medica mondiale, will be awarded the North-South Prize from the Council of Europe for 2012. The jury decided to award the prize to Monika...

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May 17 2012

Afghan Security Forces need urgent reforms!

Press Release, 17 May 2012. In Chicago, NATO must agree to commitments to ensure all Afghan forces can uphold law and order for Afghan men and women and children. Together with twenty leading international and Afghan NGOs medica mondiale today called on NATO and the Afghan government to agree commitments ensure Afghan National Security Forces are able to protect civilians and are held accountable if they commit abuses or violate international law. The agencies also warn of a possible rise in crime and insecurity in the country if there are no jobs for up to 120,000 troops due to be demobilized post 2014.

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April 21 2009

Open letter to Merkel and Steinmeier - Womens’ rights into focus!

Against the background of worldwide protests against the signing of the Schiite Family and Personal Status law which debases women, medica mondiale demands that the German government gives womens’ rights a central role in their Afghanistan strategy. In an open letter to the Federal Chancellor Merkel and Foreign Minister Steinmeier medica mondiale insists on decisive intervention on the part of German politics, in order to prevent the passing of the Law in its current form.

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November 26 2008

medica mondiale demands more protection and security for women in Congo

The day before the official ceremony of the Right Livelihood Award Monika Hauser and Lena Ag from the Swedish Women’s Rights Organisation Kvinna till Kvinna would like to discuss together with the Congolese women’s activist Immaculée Birhaheka of PAIF, and Charlotte Isaksson (enquired) Senior Gender Advisor of the Swedish Armed Forces and former Gender Advisor of EUFOR in the DRC on how to improve protection and security measures for women and women activists in the DR Congo.

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