June 19 2018

Current asylum policies put refugee women at risk

Press Release: Cologne, 14 June 2018. “The planned law on a new policy to cover family reunification for people with ‘subsidiary protection’ will have a particular impact on women and girls,” says Monika Hauser, founder...

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May 17 2018

All-in-one ‘Anchor’ Centres increase likelihood of violence against female refugees

Press Release: Cologne/Berlin, 17 May 2018. “Based on the ‘transit centres’ used in Bavaria, this type of mass accommodation sets the priority clearly on the side of isolation and deportation rather than protection and...

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April 19 2018

“Supporting women’s rights is a way to support society as a whole.”

Press Release: Cologne, 19 April 2018. medica mondiale has been providing support since 1993 to women and girls who experienced sexualised wartime violence. Based in Cologne, Germany, the women’s rights organisation has...

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February 01 2018

Pension for survivors of sexualised wartime violence

Press Release: Cologne, February 1, 2018. As of February 5, women and girls who were raped during the 1998/99 Kosovo war will be able to apply for a pension. In March 2014 the country’s parliament passed the first draft...

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November 02 2016

Triumfeminate: Three women at the head of medica mondiale

Press Release: Cologne, November 2, 2016. As of November 1, three women are in charge of the women’s rights organisation medica mondiale. The founder and Executive Board Member Monika Hauser is joined by Elke Ebert,...

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October 06 2016

Causes of flight: Sexualised wartime violence

Press Release: Cologne, September 29, 2016. Millions of women and girls experience sexualised violence every day in the war and crisis regions which are the origin of the refugees who come to Germany. On Germany’s...

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