June 17 2020

COVID-19 has particularly drastic impacts on the life of women in crisis regions

Press release, June 17, 2020. International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict on June 19: The new coronavirus pandemic is making existing inequalities worse and exacerbating discrimination against...

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June 17 2019

My body is no battlefield: Fighting violence against women

Press Release: Cologne, 17 June 2019. On the occasion of the International Day Against Sexualized Wartime Violence on 19 June and the World Refugee Day on 20 June, medica mondiale demands from the German Federal...

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May 03 2019

Resolution against sexualised wartime violence: Not a milestone, just a weak compromise

Press release: Cologne, 3 May 2019. A “milestone” was the term used by the German Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas to describe the new UN resolution 2467 intended to more effectively protect women and girls from...

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April 03 2019

Rwanda: "Children of the Enemy"

Press release: Cologne, 4 April 2019. “Children of the perpetrators” or “children of the enemy” – these are the names used even now, 25 years after the genocide in Rwanda, for those born to women and girls who were...

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March 06 2019

International Women's Day: Gender justice enhances peace and development

Press release: Cologne, 5 March 2019. More commitment to support women and girls caught up in armed conflicts, as well as a feminist foreign and security policy: these are the demands made on the German government by the...

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February 08 2019

Kosovo: one year war pension for raped women

Press release: Cologne, 8 February 2019. Since February 2018, women and girls who were raped during the Kosovo war in 1998/1999 can apply for a monthly pension of 230 euros. Applications can also be made by those now...

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