medica mondiale has been working in the structurally weak south-eastern part of Liberia since 2006 - in a joint project with Welthungerhilfe (German World Hunger Relief) to provide medical and psychosocial care and support for Liberian women. The aim is to improve their life situation and implement pre-emptive measures to prevent violence against women. These include training volunteer village counsellors and establishing local solidarity groups.

You can find further information on our work in Western Africa here.

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Caroline Bowah Brown is wearing a red blouse. With one arm she is leaning on the low wall in front of her.

Caroline Bowah Brown, Director of medica mond...

In the foreground there is a woman with her small child on her back. The woman is wearing a paper hat with the slogan “Stop Rape”.

Stop rape

A group of women are standing in the village square talking together. Three of them are wearing T-shirts with the logo of medica mondiale.

Medical counselling for refugee women

Two women in sportswear, one of them is throwing a punch, the other one is blocking.

Learning self-defence

Two women sitting in front of a wall. One of them is working at a sewing machine, the second is sitting next to her, both are smiling.

Earning their own living

A group of women who are all calling out something together. One of them is shouting into a megaphone.

Together against violence

In front of a group, two women are posing for the camera. They are standing close together, one has her arm around the shoulders of the other.

Solidarity amongst women