Bosnia-Herzegovina: In April 1993, together with Bosnian female psychologists and doctors, Monika Hauser opened the women's therapy centre Medica Zenica - the first centre of its kind. The centre provided targeted support to women and girls who had been systematically raped, tortured and imprisoned during the Yugoslavian wars. The staff in Bosnia-Herzegovina have been carrying out this work as an independent organisation since 2003.

Kosovo: Shortly after the end of the war, in 1999 medica mondiale opened an interdisciplinary women's centre in rural Gjakova. Today, the centre continues to provide comprehensive support for women raped during the war, with advice and programmes to help them secure their livelihood in agricultural self-help groups. Medica Kosova became an independent women's rights organisation in 2003.

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Portrait format photo of Sabiha Husić standing in a meadow

Sabiha Husić, Director of Medica Zenica

Advice empowers Womens

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Advice for Women

Women`s Rights in Bosnina

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Commitment to Women’s...

Two beehives standing in a row on a meadow.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Bees Against Poverty

A woman is leaning on a fence. In the background there are a dozen sheep.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Enhancing Self-Confid...

A portrait format photo of Mirlinda Sada standing in front of the offices of Medica Gjakova.

Kosovo: Mirlinda Sada, Director of Medica Gja...

Women standing in a circle and holding hands.

Kosovo: Self-Help Groups for Survivors

A pale curtain with two points of light mirrored in a window.

Kosovo: Wartime Trauma

A women’s group sitting on chairs arranged in a circle.

Kosovo: Speaking About their Experiences