The Syria/Iraq region has been a focus of our grant program for partner organisations since autumn 2014. Women and girls from Syria and Iraq are affected by and threatened with sexualised violence both in their home regions and when fleeing. In cooperation with local women’s organisations in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq, and the regional government of the autonomous region of Kurdistan in Dohuk, Iraq, we are training the staff in safe houses and women’s advice centres as well as police officers and healthcare professionals in the provision of emergency assistance to women and girls affected by violence.

You can find further information on our work in the region here. To download a picture please click on the photo. You will find the download link below. You can use these photos for free provided you name the full copyright with each image: (Name of photographer/medica mondiale)

Refugee camp in Dohuk, northern Iraq, Copyright: Renas Merkhan/medica mondiale Alternativtext: A woman hangs out towels on a washing line.

Camp for refugees and IDP in Dohuk/northern I...

Front view of the Directorate of Combatting Violence Against Women. People are standing and sitting in the entrance and in front of the two-storey building.

Contact points for women affected by violence

Front view of the Directorate of Combatting Violence Against Women.

Al-Wand refugee camp in northern Iraq

A street scene in northern Iraq: In the foreground there are two women talking, next to them children are playing, and cars are parked at the edge of the street.

Patriarchal structures and gender roles

Five women and one man sit and stand around a table. On the table is an outline drawing of a woman.

Training courses on the symptoms of sexualise...