Monika Hauser is the founder and Executive Board Member of the women's rights organisation medica mondiale.

You can find further information in her biography. To download a picture please click on the photo. You will find the download link below.

Portrait photo of Monika Hauser, founder of medica mondiale

2017: Portrait photo of Monika Hauser; portra...

Monika Hauser, founder of medica mondiale, foto taken by Lela Ahmadzai, both fight for women's rights in Afghanistan

2016: Portrait photo of Monika Hauser; landsc...

Monika Hauser medica mondiale Lela Ahmadzai Afghanistan Women rights

2016: Portrait photo of Monika Hauser; portra...

Monika Hauser answers a question from a journalist. In the background is the conference poster, with the logo of Medica Zenica, the Bosnian sister organisation.

2015: Portrait photo of Monika Hauser; portra...

The widow is on the left, next to her is Monika Hauser, in the background we see electricity pylons and mountains.

In silent commemoration

A crowd of people, at the front is Monika Hauser wearing a traditional lappa. She is also wearing a paper hat with the slogan “Stop Raping Baby Girls”.

Our involvement in south-east Liberia

Monika Hauser with well-known supporters of the “In Action” campaign in Cologne city centre. In the centre and at the edge of the photo are three shop-window mannequins. They are wearing blue T-shirts with the slogan “Spoils of War”.

The “In Action” campaign

Black and white photo: Monika Hauser and an interpreter are sitting in front of the desk of a Bosnian commander.

How it all began

Four women standing in front of a window, they have their arms around each other.

Solidarity with women in Afghanistan.

The four award winners in front of a dark wood-panelled wall. In their hands, they are holding framed certificates for the Alternative Nobel Prize 2008.

Appreciation for her tireless commitment

Four female participants at the conference in a portrait photo, the second from the left is Monika Hauser.

Law and justice

Looking through the door of one of the buses converted into a mobile gynaecological clinic, we see three women, Monika Hauser is in the middle.

Support for traumatised women