Great Lakes Region

With its Grant Program, medica mondiale makes available financial assistance of between 5,000 and 30,000 euros annually to selected partners, with accompanying expert support. In this way, local infrastructure and networks can be established, helping to ensure the availability of healthcare, counselling and direct assistance for women and girls. Here medica mondiale concentrates on cooperation with women's organisations in the Great Lakes region of Central Africa, including Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Uganda.

You can find further information on our work in the Great Lakes Region of Central Africa here.

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Strengthening Women`s rights in Uganda

Rwanda: Children of the Genocide

DR Congo: Empowering Women

DR Congo: Women Support Groups Provide Streng...

Four women are sitting in a row, the first one is looking directly at the camera.

Uganda: Women need to know their rights

Women`s rights in Burundi

Burundi: A House of Hope

Two girls are standing in front of a wall where posters are displayed. These provide information on violence and teenage pregnancy.

Uganda: Education is Key

A group of women are sitting in a circle. Two of them have raised their arms to clap.

Uganda: Empowerment, Stabilisation, Solidarit...

A group of young women sit at school desks, with pens and exercise books in front of them.

DR Congo: Literacy Courses for Girls

A group of young women take a break from dancing.

Rwanda: Dancing Connects

A female advisor takes the savings books from a metal box and hands them out to the women.

Uganda: Saving Money to Start a Business