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26 November 2014

Woman of the World Award for Sabiha Husić, Director of Medica Zenica

In New York on November 19, 2014, the women’s rights organisation Women for Women honoured Sabiha Husić, Director of Medica Zenica, with the Woman of the World Award 2014. The Bosnian activist is receiving the prize for her tireless work promoting justice and support services for survivors of sexualised wartime violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Woman of the World Award recognises women who speak out on behalf of the most marginalised women and girls who are socially, economically and politically disadvantaged. At the organisation’s Annual Gala, Amjad Atallah, co-founder of Women for Women International, and Angelina Jolie, UNHCR Special Envoy (via video message) praised the exceptional and dedicated work of Sabiha Husić. A further award winner is Seida Sarić. As the longest-serving Country Director of Women for Women, working in Bosnia and Herzegovina, she received the 2014 Excellence in Leadership Award.

Monika Hauser congratulates her Bosnian colleague Sabiha Husić

“I hope this award will lead to more people becoming aware of the needs of war-traumatised women in the Balkans and around the world,” declared Monika Hauser, founder of medica mondiale and Medica Zenica, in her congratulatory letter to her Bosnian colleague Sabiha Husić. “Your tenacity and hard work are enormously important for the impact and achievements of Medica Zenica. I feel close to you in our common struggle and engagement for peace and women’s rights.”

About Sabiha Husić

Born in 1971 in Vitez, a small town in Central Bosnia, Sabiha Husić is an Islamic theologian and psychotherapist. At 22 she and her parents were in a refugee camp in Zenica, where she organised meetings for women. There she also came into contact with workers from Medica Zenica – which was the first therapy centre for raped and traumatised women in Bosnia. Sabiha Husić has been working at Medica Zenica since 1993 and in November 2007 she became the organisation’s director.