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05 May 2017

Video: Tips for refugee women from refugee women

They fled to Germany some years ago. Now the women who made the film "Hand in Hand with Women" are turning to the women refugees who have just arrived in the country. The film offers them important tips and guidance on how to live a more self-determined life and to integrate in German society successfully. (English Video with German subtitles)

Strengthening refugee women

The idea for the film came during a training session in peer-to-peer support at medica mondiale. Participants who were themselves refugees took a look at their own experiences since they arrived in Germany. The insights they gained provided the basic tips for refugee women included in the film, which takes a look at the difficulties and obstacles on their path of integration and offers some solutions. Their motivation for making the film is to empower and encourage women who have fled to Germany to take their life in their own hands in a more independent way. Their first step is: "Look for people who give you strength." Additionally, education and self-care play an important role.

Self-directed film project

The participants in the training course at medica mondiale became filmmakers just for this project Together they worked on a concept and the script, and then took care of the filming and editing, too. The film can be shown by anyone working with refugee women, e.g. in self-help groups. The film was produced with support from the Ministry of Health, Equalities, Care and Ageing in North Rhine-Westphalia. Workshop Director Lisa Glahn from “myView”.