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31 March 2014

New Website: Modern and Diverse

Our website is the first point of contact many people turn to, perhaps to find out about our work for traumatised women and girls in war and crisis areas or to make an online donation. In 2013 there were around 300 visitors daily. As of today, the medica mondiale online presence has been made even more user-friendly, modern and multi-faceted.

How many people visit our website? What issues are they interested in? Do they find what they are looking for? How long do they stay on average? Detailed analysis of the answers to questions such as these had given us a good idea of the improvements we could still make in our public relations work and the service we provide online. It was particularly important to us to provide easily accessible answers to the most frequent questions our users ask. Who is medica mondiale? What does this aid organisation do and where do they do it? What are the most important current developments at medica mondiale? How can I help and make an active contribution? Every level of interest is provided with an appropriate response: brief answers and current news can be found just as easily as a range of more comprehensive background information.

Visitors are greeted by large-format images and easy-to-understand infographics, a convenient media library, a glossary with plenty of background information, user-friendly navigation, the new, clear news column, and much more. The web contents are also automatically optimised for visitors accessing the site with a smartphone or tablet. It only takes a couple of clicks to recommend any news or photos you particularly like via facebook, Google+ or Twitter. Many areas of the website also now directly present a contact box to ask questions to the responsible member of staff. Media and news boxes relating to a specific issue recommend further content that might interest you. So please take some time to discover the new features! And we’d love to hear what you think! Send your opinion to news(at) or use our contact form.