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14 October 2012

Evaluation: support of medica mondiale Liberia (2010-2011) is extensive and sustainable

medica mondiale has been actively involved in south east Liberia in a comprehensive program against sexualised violence and for rights of women and girls since 2006. The independent expert Tania Bernath evaluated the project at the end of 2011 for medica mondiale. Her analysis confirmed that the starting point and approach of medica mondiale is sustainable and effective in supporting women.

In her opinion, "medica mondiale has developed a unique approach in south east Liberia, which should be further utilised". She is an expert on sexualised violence, and spent 3 weeks in the project area in November 2011. There she had the opportunity to talk not only to women working in the field, but also to clients of the services and representatives of the police and judiciary.

Survivors of sexual and gender-specific violence benefit from the extensive range of support including psycho-social counselling, health and legal advice as well as the protection of the community-based networks.

The following points clearly demonstrate the positive effects and lead to a greater durability of the project:

Additionally the long-term presence of the voluntary helpers from medica mondiale in the villages is the key to success and a big difference to the approach of other organisations.

One way to increase the effectiveness of the project is to work directly and more closely with village elders, young people and influential institutions such as churches and schools. It is also important to rethink the attitude regarding involving men in the work. They should be better informed about the rights of women and the consequences of sexualised violence. 

Here you will find a summary of the most important evaluation results.

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