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07 December 2012

Evaluation of project in Afghanistan (2009-2013) shows: Empowerment of women and girls successful

In July 2009 Medica Afghanistan and the women’s organisation Women for Afghanistan started a project: Social Support and Legal Help for women either threatened by violence or imprisoned, and their children. In November 2012, Laure Saporta, an independent expert evaluated the project on behalf of medica mondiale. The results show that the situation for women and children has clearly improved. The Children Support Centre has proved to be an important institution, currently supporting approximately 160 children, four times more than originally planned.

"It is about women and girls who not only suffered violence or abuse, it is also about ensuring that the society is made aware that women have rights which must be respected and implemented". This is how Laure Saporta described the goals of the project, which in her opinion, have been very successful.

Laure Saporte spent two weeks in Afghanistan evaluating the project. She had deep, intense conversations with the women and girls being helped, and consulted with women’s organisations, the local police and other influential groups. She described her personal impressions about her journey through Afghanistan in an interview.

Evaluation and goals of the project

The goals of the project were empowering women and girls and guaranteeing the necessary help in regard to violence and abuse of human and women’s rights.

  • Medica Afghanistan enabled more women to gain access to legal representation for civil processes and family mediation. Women who were prosecuted unfortunately seldom asked for legal assistance.
  • Supporting the children of imprisoned mothers proved to be extremely successful. Instead of the 35 children originally planned for, 160 were guaranteed protection and access to education.
  • The goal of making the Afghan society aware of women’s rights and accepting them was achieved through training programmes for different groups. Overall, the project contributed to raising the awareness of the situation of women and girls in Afghanistan internationally and nationally.

Here you will find a summary of the most important evaluation results.

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