We support women and girls in war and crisis zones

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Active Support

Rock against Rape, concert for medica mondiale

Draw attention to our work

There are all kinds of ways to make the work of medica mondiale better known and at the same time collect donations. A few examples: 


Organise a bazaar, on your own or with friends, with second-hand books, home-made cakes or jam. It's also a good opportunity to pass on information about the work of medica mondiale.

Celebrations and anniversaries

Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and club parties: there are always good reasons to celebrate. You can share the joy of your celebrations with the women who benefit from medica mondiale's assistance. Ask your guests to make a donation instead of bringing a present.

Flower and wreath donations

Instead of flowers and wreathes at a funeral, people might like to make a donation to medica mondiale.

Charity Events

It could be a concert, a reading or a play: A charity event is always a good way to presentmedica mondiale's work and collect donations.

Sport and fun

You can organise a day when people do something together to help women and girls in war and crisis zones by running, swimming or cycling for medica mondiale. Participants ask their parents, relatives, friends or firms to sponsor them per metre or kilometre. The money collected is then donated to medica mondiale.

Those are just a few suggestions on ways you can support the organisation's valuable work. Perhaps you have other ideas - just let your imagination run free! If you have any questions or want to organise any event for medica mondiale please get in touch with our collegues.