25 years
FOR women
AGAINST sexualised violence

Awareness Campaign "My body is no battlefield."

Every day women and girls around the world are being raped, tortured, kidnapped and enslaved as part of wars and conflict. The new campaign »My body is no battlefield.« from medica mondiale aims to draw attention to these violations of human rights and to demonstrate how women in war zones can be protected.

Our messages and demands

1. Women are not to blame for being raped – ever.
2. Survivors of sexualised violence have a right to justice.
3. Peace can only be achieved together with women.
4. Rape is a violation of human rights. 
5. Together for a world free of violence.

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1992: How medica mondiale came to life

As Monika Hauser heard about the mass rapes of Bosnian women in the Balkans in 1992, war had been raging in former Yugoslavia for a year. Angry and shocked by the descriptions of violence and the media’s insensitive portrayal of the women affected, as well as the lack of appropriate action from the aid agencies and responsible politicians, the young assistant doctor quickly decided to travel straight into the war zone herself.

Her aim was to offer support and security to women and girls affected by violence and ensure they benefited from empathy and medical care. Together with local female specialists, Hauser founded a women’s therapy centre in 1993 in the central Bosnian town of Zenica, laying the foundations for an active commitment that has endured to the present day.

An organisation is born


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25 years medica mondiale: anniversary song & dancing for women's rights by SEVOTA, Rwanda Play video
“Supporting women’s rights is a way to support society as a whole.”
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"It’s important that we recognize the power of women, their freedom, decision making"

Our partner organisations sent some anniversary congratulations from abroad.


Hauser: "Together with other activists we have been able to put the issue of sexualised wartime violence onto the political agenda."

"Today medica mondiale works with some 30 partner organisations to support women and girls in war zones and crisis areas around the world." Anniversary Greetings from Monika Hauser.


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